Thursday, 26 April 2012

April Obsession - Studs and Spikes!

Hello all!
If you've been following my blog you would know that I recently went on holiday to Turkey (pictures will be uploaded soon!), and was completely taken back by the over-eagerness and desperation of the sales assistants in their shops, so much so that I couldn't bring myself to go into any shops and have a good browse. Therefore, practically as soon as I touched down on British soil I was out undergoing some much anticipated retail therapy, and I noticed there was only one thing that was catching my eye.

This season, studs are everywhere. On rings, collars of shirts, shoulders of jackets, dotted on ballet slippers. Directly contrasting to the ever-popular pastel trend, a few studs are essential in adding an edgy twist to any outfit. Here are my purchases:

VECTRA3 Studded Slippers - £28, Topshop. Image courtesy of

 These could not be more perfect if they tried. Slippers are in right now, and the studs toughen up the soft material (polyurathene, apparently?). They also come in a nude with gold studs, which goes back to a new take on feminine pastels. So comfortable and versatile, these will be my go-to shoes from now on.

Printed shirt with studded collar - £29.99, Zara. Image courtesy of

This shirt is part of Zara's newest collection, and I have to say it's the cutest shirt i've ever purchased. The owl print keeps the shirt feminine whilst the high collar and gold studs add a straight-edge, making it a perfect accompaniment to a blazer or pair of high-waisted shorts. I wore it today with a pair of black skinny jeans and a blazer, and it reminded me of the style of Caroline Flack. Absolutely gorgeous and such a bargain price! 
But it's not just the clothing that's had the studded treatment: 

1. Black studded bra top - £28, Miss Selfridge
2. Spike end slides - £7.99, Topshop
3. Studded Peter Pan collar - £30, Topshop
Images courtesy of Miss Selfridge and Topshop

I love the embellishments, they really liven up something as simple as a black bra-top. I especially love the hair slides in the gorgeous candy colours. However, when you wear studs just be careful about how far you go with it, keep it simple and avoid studded black collars - you'll look like you're either wearing a dog collar or part of a bondage outfit! 

If you want the studded look without the price-tag, DIY studding is easy. You can buy packets of studs from most textile and sewing shops, and use them to line denim jackets or jean pockets - get creative with it!


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