Friday, 13 April 2012

Inside my suitcase - Skincare & Makeup!

Hello everyone! I apologise for the lack of posting, i've been really trying to relax this past couple of weeks, and suddenly realised that I do infact have work to be doing so I have been getting on with that. However, I wanted to do a post about my skincare and makeup that i'll be taking with me to Turkey on Monday.  I love seeing what's inside peoples makeup bags, their skincare routines etc., it's a great way to discover new products or learn new ways of applying particular products, so I thought i'd do one :) Here's a picture of the skincare i'll be taking with me:

Clockwise from top
 (1) MAC Fix +. Not only is it a finishing mist, but it's also a skin refresher that absorbs into the skin really quickly. Far more effective then splashing water on your face, in my opinion!
(2) It's Potent! Eye Cream from Benefit. A hydrating and brightening skin cream that reduces the appearance of eye bags. Perfect for a 4am drive to Gatwick on 3 hours sleep!
(3) Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion. A light, creamy cleanser bursting with vitamins.
(4) Enzymion facial moisturiser. My all-time favourite moisturiser. Read why here.
(5) Moisture Prep Toning Lotion from Lush. A refreshing toner that includes extracts of Aloe leaf and vitamin E acetate to ensure total moisture and soft and supple skin. A full review coming soon!

Clockwise from top
(1) Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 from MAC. A light matte foundation that promises even coverage without looking too orange or cakey. The SPF 15 is essential in protecting your skin from the dangers of the sun's rays. It's also oil-free which is always a bonus!
(2) Cherry Carmex Lip Balm. Includes an SPF 15 sunscreen so it protects you from sunburn and replaces moisture lost during sun exposure. Spells super sweet and is world-famous as the ultimate moisturising lip balm.
(3) Posie Tint Lip & Cheek Stain from Benefit. A poppy-pink stain that gives you an all-day colour so you don't have to worry about lipgloss or lipstick.
(4) Sugarbomb Blusher from Benefit. A blush that has four complimentary shades of peach, soft plum, pink and rose. I swirl my brush around all four and sweep across my face, then just use two complimentary shades on my cheeks. It is essential for a warm glow if you don't really tan, like me!
(5) 'Linger' Brow Pencil from MAC. I'm taking this for the evenings, as i've just had my eyebrows tinted so I don't need to apply during the day. An easy-to-use defining pen that allows you to shape perfect brows.
(6) Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from MAC. A silky matte power that I use to set my foundation. Really light and i'll definitely be using this throughout the day, and accompany it with my liquid foundation in the evenings.
(7) Khol & Contour Eyeliner Pencil from Bourjois Paris. This goes with me everywhere. Unfortunately it isn't waterproof, which means I won't be using it throughout the day. But for a more natural look, jet black eyeliner isn't really beach appropriate. Will certainly be used for nights out though!
(8) Big Beautiful Eyes eye palette from Benefit. A small eye contouring kit that features a concealer and three shadows. I use the alabaster pink base shadow for during the day, and will layer it with the cocoa brown shadow for a natural look that isn't too try-hard.
(9) Diorshow Black Out waterproof mascara from Dior. Get gorgeously thick and glamorous looking lashes in seconds. Layering is easy for the evening, but one thin coat is perfect for long lashes at the beach.

I forgot to include my primer (featured here) but this is generally what i'll be taking with me. I can't say i'll go out with a full face of makeup everyday, but the advantages of lip and cheek stains and waterproof mascara is that it's so beach appropriate.

Hope you've enjoyed, and i'll be sure to upload some holiday snaps when I get back on the 23rd!


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