Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review: Lush's 'Enzymion' Moisturiser

I apologise for my lack of posts this past week, once again University deadlines have left me with little time to blog. However, on my day off I managed to pick up a new facial moisturiser. My face has started to become oily again, and I ran out of my Porefessional primer that tends to dry up all the excess oil, so I thought I should really get a good moisturiser that does the job for me on a daily basis,  so I don't have to wear makeup in order to achieve good looking skin.

I chose Lush as I love using their cleansers and charcoal scrubs, which are both featured in this post, so I knew they would be reliable. I was immediately directed to a moisturiser called Enzymion, which is described as a 'fruity moisturiser to liven up oily skin'. Simple.

It uses fresh lemons and papayas, along with cocoa butter so it leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised but soaks up all that excess oil. It has a really fruity frangrance to it also, which can be quite overpowering at times. I'm not the greatest fan of the smell, however it doesn't transfer onto your skin so it isn't really a problem.

The great thing about Lush products is that they are sold in generous portions. Enzymion is sold in tubs of 45g, and as you only need the smallest amount to dot on your cheeks, t-zone, chin and neck it's really great value. It can be worn alone or underneath makeup. I have tried with both, and have found that it makes a really great base for foundation and helps keep my skin looking flawless for longer.

The oil is gone and my skin feels fresh and looks bright and healthy. For £13.50, you could say that it's quite steep. However, Lush products are always made with love and care, and use the finest natural ingredients so you don't have any harsh or nasty chemicals creeping their way into your skin.

This is now part of my daily cleansing routine, and will remain there for a long time. I love Lush, and I love what this moisturiser has done to my skin.

You can purchase Enzymion here, or at your nearest Lush shop.

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