Saturday, 31 March 2012

Review: Benefit's High Beam, Moon Beam & 'V.I.P' lip gloss + Alternatives!

I intended to review one of my many Benefit palettes, Valley of the Stars, until I realised that it is not actually stocked at Benefit anymore! Even so, I will still review the products inside, as they are sold separately and in other palettes similar to this one:

High Beam

This has got to be one of my favourite Benefit products, EVER! It's a complexion highlighter that's described by Benefit as "supermodel in a bottle". It's silky pink with a gorgeous shine, and is designed to catch the light and make your complexion glow and generally draw attention to your face! Use on your cheek or brow bones or around your eye. For your eye, put 6 dots of the highlighter around the edge of the eye and brow bone and blend in a circular motion. For your cheeks use 3 dots either ontop or above your blusher and blend. You can also use down the bridge of your nose too.
High Beam can be bought in full here  for £18.50 or in smaller versions as part of the Finding Mr. Bright and Realness of Concealness make-up kits. This dewy highlighter is a must-have for 
healthy, glowing skin.

Moon Beam

In my opinion, Moon Beam is simply a warmer shade of High Beam. Although High Beam has a more watery texture for easy blending, Moon Beam is perfect if you have darker or tanned skin. For pale skin, it's far too shiny even when blended. You apply it the same way as High Beam, over the cheek and brow bones and around the eye. However, I would recommend using it sparingly as it is a lot shiner that High Beam and you really don't need much. Benefit also recommends mixing some in with your foundation for a permanent glow throughout the day?  A lovely looking product, but just not for my skin tone, but I know if I was olive skinned or miraculously developed a tan, this would replace High Beam. Moon Beam can be bought in full here for £18.50.

'Her Glossiness' Lip Gloss in 'V.I.P'

This is a gorgeous strawberry coloured gloss that's perfect for achieving candy coloured lips. However, Benefit do not stock this anymore, but I decided to review it as it's too gorgeous to leave out and Benefit have brought out three gorgeous shades that are practically identical to this: 'who are you wearing?' (passion-fruit pink), 'foxy lady' (diamond pink) and 'dancing queen' (watermelon pink) in their new Ultra-Shine range that are silky and bursting with colour and shine. A perfect alternative, take a look here.

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  1. Ooh I used to love Benefit products before I switched to organic goodies! *nostalgic* :) High Beam was a firm favourite, haven't found anything to match it yet, sob, sob!! Majorly big fan of Boi-ing too, have finally found that the Nvey Eco Erase Corrective Concealer is just as good (never thought I'd say that!) Good sized kit too, fab for travelling etc! x