Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I know it hasn't been as long between posts as it has been before, but I feel like I should explain as I don't know when i'll be posting again. It's more personal than usual, so if that bores you then feel free to stop reading.

After an assessment on Monday, I got a phone call from my mum telling me that our dog, Bella had to be put down. It was very sudden, and turns out she had cancer and suffered a lot of internal bleeding. I'm absolutely devastated. We had Bella since I was 7 years old (13 years in total) and practically saved her from a pretty terrible life. She was always extremely spoilt, and liked to lay in the middle of the bed so I had to lay in an awkward angle around her! She always knew when I was upset or sick, and loved to jump in-between me and Jason on the sofa so she wasn't left out.

I didn't get the chance to say goodbye, but I know she knew she meant the world to me.

It's got me a little thrown, and I haven't been able to concentrate much this week, which isn't too great as I have a shorthand exam on Friday. I hope my day of practice goes ten times better than it did today.

I have some posts lined up, but at the moment I have a lot on my mind and need some time to get over the fact that i've lost not just a pet, but a member of the family.

I miss you Bella x 


  1. So sorry to hear that Sophie, pets are a very important part of our lives & they become our friends and family members. I've had a lot of bad stuff happen recently in my family including a death & a near miss. We can't help the situations we sometimes find ourselves in. Thinking of you, best of luck with your exam on Friday. Take care & take time to ride out your emotions. RIP Bella oxo

  2. Thanks very much, it's been difficult as she was there throughout my childhood and don't know any different. But these things happen and we just need to concentrate on what's good in our lives and appreciate what we have when we have it! Thanks again for this kind message :) Take care of yourself also x