Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Everyday Make-up #1

You know you love make-up when you actually look forward to putting on your face every morning. There was a time when I used to do half my face at a time just so I could see the difference the products made (I was late to everything at that time!). I like to experiment with lots of different products, especially foundation, but lately i've been sort of sticking to the same natural-ish look and just switching up my lipstick depending on what i'm wearing. 

So here is my everyday make-up. I usually put it all in a little basket with a small mirror and do my make-up in bed whilst watching an episode or two of Friends (US Netflix is possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me). I love a natural smoky eye, with a little bit smudged underneath. Strong eyebrows, purely because I love them, and cheeks with a natural looking flush. 

There are some products that i'd like to do more in-depth review on, but they'll come later on. I just feel that i've got myself a bit of a routine and found a lovely combination of products that really work with my skin, so thought i'd share it with you. 

Here are the products I use below:

MAC Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder in 'Veronica's Blush'
MAC Lustre Drops in 'Pink Rebel' 

What do you use for your everyday make-up? Is there anything I should be trying? Let me know below.

Happy Sunday! x 

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