Thursday, 1 January 2015

My 2014

I've had a great year. Not just great, i've actually had the best year of my life. Although these pictures don't show everyone that made this year special (Charlotte Scott, i'm talking to you!!), it gives a bit of an idea about how much fun i've had this year.

I saw in the beginning of the year in London with some of my best and oldest friends, then went back to Bournemouth to a house I shared with more great friends to finish my final year at university. In February I met my fiance, which feels really weird thinking that it's been less than a year since we started speaking. I worked for one of my favourite beauty brands, got my first car and got through my dissertation. I went on my first 'sister holiday', interned at a national magazine and graduated with a 2:1. I got engaged, got a graduate job and moved into my first flat with a guy. I spent the New Year in one of my favourite places in the world with some amazing people. I now live in a totally different city away from my family and friends and to be honest, I am a bit nervous as to what 2015 will bring. I read a quote today that said: "Starting today, I need to forget about what's gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what's coming next." Amongst all the irritating "New year, new me!" rubbish, this really stands out for me. So, when i'm feeling a bit lonely or doubting myself in any way, i'll take five minutes to reflect on what an amazing life I have, that has no limitations and is constantly surprising me. 2014 has been incredible to me, and I have a feeling it's only going to get better. 

Happy New Year.

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