Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Body Shop Vanilla Gift Set

This little set has been in my 'to-review' list for such a long time (Since my birthday actually, as it was a present from Beth and Chloe), which has meant for about three months its been all sad and unused in a box under my bed!

Vanilla has to be my all-time favourite scent, so i've been so excited to use all of these products from The Body Shop. This gorgeous tin contains a small soap, body butter, shower gel and body polish all smelling of vanilla with a hint of honey.

Of all the products included, i'm most impressed with the body polish. It smells the most realistic out of the four and leaves my legs feeling stupidly soft and even a little bit brighter! The only annoying thing is that I like it so much that I tend to overindulge when it's not necessary meaning that it didn't last long. The shower gel has been my second most-used, but I have to say i'm slightly disappointed with the scent - it smells slightly like plasticine! However, it's gentle on the skin and lathers really well. The body butter is pretty bulk standard - the formula is the same as the traditional full-sized butters, but with the vanilla scent it makes the whole experience of moisturising a lot more indulgent and enjoyable. I am yet to use the soap if i'm honest as i'm not really a solid soap person, but i'm liking the little flecks of vanilla on the surface - I may keep it in the kitchen to give my hands a bit of TLC after doing the washing up.

Overall this is a really fun little set that's a perfect present for someone who's either really indecisive (Yeah, that's me .. I love everything.) or new to The Body Shop. I'm also really loving the octagonal tin; it's currently storing some of my nailcare :) Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites? 

Unfortunately this set was limited edition but The Body Shop are always bringing out new versions of the butters and polishes for £5-£6 and they currently have a lovely range of vanilla perfumes.. you can take a look here!

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