Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Olay Essentials Complete Care Sensitive Beauty Fluid

My mum is in her 50's (Let's hope she doesn't read this and slap me for putting that on the internet!) and her skin is amazing. No spots, minimal wrinkles and is always looking hydrated and taken care of. Her secret? Water and Olay. No scrubs, cleansers or toners .. just one product (Or two, if you count eye makeup remover).

Being a beauty blogger testing a number of products is a given, which obviously doesn't do my skin a world of good. I've written countless routine posts, but I fail to mention that i'm also trying out a new blush, powder or facial wash every other day to search for the next best thing - queue the irritation.
With that being said, I knew there was no better time than the present to have a skincare detox.

Olay is a multi-award winning skincare brand dating back to the 1950's, specialising in beauty creams for all ages and skin types.
I chose the Essentials Complete Care Sensitive beauty fluid, due to its light consistency that will provide no irritation to my sensitive skin. Containing delicate aloe vera, it also comes with added SPF15 and skin-softening vitamins B3 & E and Pro-vitamin B5. You simply apply after your morning wash, although i've been using it in the evening as well.

It's been a month since I ditched my cleanser, toner and serum and so far i'm seeing excellent results. My skin feels rejuvinated and my spots are at an all-time minimum. My skin isn't oily in the morning and its reduced redness around my T-zone. It's refreshing to use a single product, which makes it a lot less taxing getting ready for bed when you've had a long day. I understand that ditching a heavy skincare routine isn't for everybody,  so this product is designed to come after a cleanser, but for me it was just a bit too much for my skin at this point to use multiple products.

Olay is simple, straight to the point and delivers excellent results, all at the reasonable price of £3.99. Why bother with overally expensive exotic creams when such a monumental brand gives you everything you need for under £5. Sometimes you need to strip your skincare back to basics to give it a break and Olay helps me do just that - and I have a feeling that's all i'm going to need from now on.

You can purchase Olay Essentials Complete Care beauty fluid for £3.99 at your local Boots counter or online here.

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