Friday, 9 August 2013

Need help matching a foundation? Try Findation!

Ever wanted to buy a foundation online but didn't want to take the plunge without testing first?
Yeah, me too. As addicted I am to online shopping I don't trust the swatch pictures and I certainly don't trust the airbrush faces modelling the products. But when a sale is on and there's only limited stock left, wouldn't like to be assured that the product will match my skin?

Findation is a website that allows you to see what shade of foundation you're matched to by simply inputting your existing foundation shades. By adding all of your current foundations it uses an algorithm (Don't ask me what it is, I have no idea!) to reveal your shade in hundreds of both high-street and designer brands.

You start by searching for the existing brands out of the hundreds listed, followed by selecting the right product and shade - the more products you register the more accurate the search will be.

With the added advantage of thumbnail images it makes the search easier, and even includes some discontinued products if it's been a while since you've updated your foundation.

From there you're presented with a lists of 'recommended matches', which you can filter if there are certain brands you aren't keen on buying. Each product comes with a detailed description of its finish, ingredients and stockist. There's also an option to share your list with friends on Facebook or Twitter, and save your matches to look back on later.

It's incredibly detailed and includes every brand I can possibly think of and more! When testing it with my existing foundations, I found that the majority of the matches were correct - though some made me out to be a darker shade than I know I am (I always need the palest foundation shade in everything!) .. but overall it produced good matches. There are some tips in order to produce the best results - such as not relying on an accurate result for a heavy foundation if you only input BB Cream shades - so be sure to use them to make sure you get the right shade. This is perfect if you want to speed up the process of testing the products in store, or if you just can't be bothered to visit the counter at all!

Findation is an informative catalogue of brands that makes shopping for foundation online so much easier and i'm now definitely more inclined to try out new brands without the added fear of it being too dark on my pastey skin.

Click here to visit Findation and find your matches today!

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