Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Benefit's 'She's so... Jetset!'

First of all, I want to apologise for my absence. I've been going through some personal things, amoungst moving back home for Christmas from University and going on holiday for my birthday (I will be sure to do a post later on!), so i've been extremely busy. However, i'm now home and have made sure I will get this blog back on track as we move into 2013!

With my holiday fast approaching along with my 21st, my friends thought it was fitting to give me an amazing travel-themed giftset from Benefit - 'She's so...Jetset!'*. This is one of their limited edition Christmas sets and I feel really fortunate to have amazing friends that understand just how excited I get over these things!

 (Sorry for the bad sizing of the images, can't seem to suss it out!)

'She's so... Jetset!' is a compilation of Benefit goodies in convenient travel sizes. Perfect for girls on the go, this kit is everything you need to stay vibrant and fresh-faced during your travels. I love the vintage feel of the box, complete with air-stewardesses and little planes dotted around the edges. The kit contains:

  • The POREfessional - Primer (7.5ml)
  • Eyeshadow Pallette - 'Champagne Please', 'Gold Card', 'Pretty in Mink', 'Elegant Expresso'
  • 'First-Class face powder' - Blush and highlighter combination
  • They're Real! - Mascara (4g)
  • 'Life on the A-List' - Lip gloss
  • Double-ended applicator
  • Powder brush
  • Instructions
Shocking how much can fit in such a small space! I've linked in previous reviews and will review the remaining items in-depth in a separate post, i'm just wanting to give a general overview! The 'in-flight instructions allow quick application, and give hints to achieve amazing results (For example, tilting your head back to easily find the crease in your eyelid - may seem a simple one, but you'd be surprised how many people fail to find it properly!) along with instructions to go from day to night with the eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately, being a blogger I didn't have time to photograph it in time to be able to take it on holiday with me, but as i'm constantly travelling this little kit is going to fit snugly in my handbag and with the enclosed mirror I can apply frequent touch-ups!

The set is quite pricey at £29.50, but any Benefit user will know that this is a standard price for them. With the travel-sized 'They're Real!' being approximately £13 on its own, its understandable. The POREfessional is easily one of my staple products, and the lip glosses are of high-quality and achieve fantastic pigmentation. This shade will be perfect for the day-time, allowing an natural look that is essentially effortless!

Overall this is a great little gift for anyone whose going away in the new year, or spends more time on a train than they do in their house (Yes, that's me!) - a great combination of high quality products that's bound to score you major brownie points at Christmas!

You can purchase 'She's so...Jetset!' from your local Benefit counter or online here.


  1. What lovely friends! I think this set is my favourite out of them all, it loooks so perfect :) Hope you're ok and have a fab 21st :)

    Sophierosehearts x

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