Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lush's 'Winter Wonderland' Christmas Box!

Just a quick one from me!

It's no secret that I'm a big Lush fan, and nothing beats a good batch of products that are wrapped in colourful wrapping paper with a flashy bow! Winter Wonderland* is just one of the many limited edition Christmas gift boxes that Lush have to offer this year, and I love nothing more than to read through all the labels and read what combinations that are on offer.

Winter Wonderland is wrapped in vintage-style wrapping paper and  contains two products designed to combat the effects that the harsh winter weather can have on your skin. Amoungst the marzipan scented styrophome lies Dream Cream and  Snowcake. Although both have achieved cult product status, it was the Dream Cream that made me the most excited. Named the number one Lush product, I remember during my work experience there were countless people flooding in from the nearby tattoo shop who requested this as they felt it was the only way it was soothe their new tattoos. It contains cooling oat, along with cocoa butter and a blend of calming essential oils, suitable for sensitive skin that's been exposed to bitter December wind.

I've never tried Snowcake soap, although it has been a Christmas best seller for years. Packed with rose, coconut oil and the scent of warm marzipan, this is a great accompaniment for Dream Cream. The flecks of gold glitter make it perfect for adding a festive sparkle to your skin after your shower, or you could just break off a piece, leave in a room and let the gorgeous Christmassy smell resonate through the air!

For the bargain price of £6.95, you'd be crazy not to get your hands on this, whether it be for a friend or just a little treat for yourself. Happy Christmas!

You can get your hands on Winter Wonderland from your nearest Lush store or online here.

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  1. I got this for Christmas, having never tried dream cream or snowcake soap... they're now two of my favourite Lush products :)
    I'm not sure if they're still available, but in the Lush sale a few days ago the winter wonderland was only £3.50! bargain!
    great post xx