Monday, 5 November 2012

Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser

Another day, another LUSH binge! This time, I was looking for a gentle cleanser, due to my sudden increase in spots. I can't speak for other bloggers, but for my skin continuity is key, which isn't exactly ideal for a beauty blogger who spends her spare hours reviewing new products. I wanted something moisturising, purifying and not too heavy so my skin felt red and exposed afterwards. With that in mind, I was pointed in the direction of this little beauty:


Let The Good Times Roll is one of Lush's limited edition Christmas products. Packed with cinnamon, popped corn oil, maize and caramel, this cleansing scrub sounds a lot more like ingredients for a delicious dessert.

It has the texture of cookie dough (Which is quite fitting!), with tiny grains for light exfoliation. When I bought it I didn't think to ask whether it was recommended to use as a weekly scrub or daily cleanser due to the consistency - but its perfectly fine to use every day. This is by far the product I am most excited about using. As sad as it sounds, I actually look forward to treating my skin to a dose of this product every night, it just smells so gorgeous! A pinch of it mixed with water in the palms of your hands is just enough to rid your face of all makeup as well as provide an amazing exfoliator. I've also found with two weeks of continued use that my spots have cleared up considerably, as well as being less blotchy on my nose and cheeks.

For the bargain price of £5.95, you get a generous 100g. However, with this amount comes the only negative aspect of this review. Because Lush's products are so natural and fresh, the shelf life isn't as long as other products. This product has a 'Best Before' of 3 months, and with the amount you purchase compared to the amount you need, there would most likely be a lot of wastage. That, and the fact that its limited edition so soon i'll have to cope without this incredible (and yummy!) facial cleanser, are the only bad things I have to say about this product. 

So grab it while you can, but try not too get too hooked - it's not around for long!

You can purchase Let The Good Times Roll for £5.95 (100g) at your local Lush or online here.

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  1. I really need to try more Lush products!

    Also, nominated you!