Friday, 16 November 2012

Eau Roma Toner Water

Hey everyone,

I know its been a while since i've posted - university work has really taken over my life recently! But I will be getting back to more regular blogging, i've missed it so much! Recently, rose water has appeared on many blogs and in lifestyle magazines and has been listed as a cult favourite amongst countless celebrities for something that provides them with freshness and rejuvination throughout a day just from a simple spray. Therefore, I thought it was only fitting to indulge in yet another Lush spree and purchase their Eau Roma rose water toner.

Packed with calming rose water and softening lavender water, this toner water is perfect for mature, dry or sensitive skin. With a total of 6 ingredients, its gorgeously gentle and is also great for when your skin feels a bit dehydrated throughout the day or your body just needs a bit of refreshment. I found with the teatree toner, although gentle, did not exceed expectations on keeping my spots at bay so I thought i'd try a different approach and find something that's even more soothing to calm my blemishes.

Eau Roma is the most gentle on my skin than other toners i've tried, and is certainly the most fragrant. It's light, airy and smells typically how you would expect Lush to - bursting with fresh and natural ingredients. I use it with a cotton pad at the end of the day to remove my last traces of makeup before applying moisturiser, and just spritz it on straight to the face in the morning to refresh my skin and set my makeup. What I love about Lush toners in general is that they come in two sizes, a large 250g bottle or a travel sized 100g for just £3.95 that's perfect if you want a little tester to see how your skin gets on with it.

Eau Roma is now part of my everyday skincare routine and so far my skin is definitely thanking me for it - my blemishes, although not completly disappeared have reduced in redness and my skin looks bright and generally well looked after. This is an amazing staple product in my opinion, well done again Lush!

You can buy Eau Roma Toner Water from your local Lush store or online here for £3.95 for 100g and £7.25 for 250g.

P.s.: I am aware that i've been posting a lot of Lush products lately, this is the last of it for a while - promise!

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