Monday, 25 May 2015

How I Clean My Make-up Brushes

Cleaning make-up brushes is boring as hell. No one wants to spend their evenings scrubbing countless fluffy eyeshadow brushes, but unfortunately it's something that must be done if you love wearing a full face of make-up every day - so I thought i'd share how I clean mine!

There are two different combinations of products I use to clean my make-up brushes, each being really simple and using products that are cheap to buy. Instead of forking out the cash for a branded 'brush cleanser', I pay no more than a couple of pounds and the products really do last for ages! To be honest, I do have lots of make-up brushes with different bristles and i'm not entirely sure what sort of cleaner is recommended, but these seem to work just fine with my brushes :)

Option One: Johnson's Baby Shampoo

If it's good enough for a baby, it's good enough for me! I love this stuff because it's really inexpensive, comes in a squeezy tube and leaves my brushes feeling super soft and smelling amazing.

1. Wet brush with warm water and squeeze on a small amount of baby shampoo.

2. Massage the shampoo into the bristles - don't be scared of losing the shape or getting a bit rough with it!

3. Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear (You may have to repeat the second step for foundation brushes or any dense brush that picks up a lot of product.)

4. Dry off the excess on a clean towel, reshape if needed and place on another towel on a flat surface. I like to have my brushes hanging off the edge of something or facing slightly downward so that the water runs off and doesn't loosen the glue that secures the bristles.

Option Two: Washing Up Liquid and Olive Oil

I love this combination as it contains everyday things you'd find in the kitchen. The olive oil helps break down the make-up and softens the bristles whilst the washing up liquid gives them a good old clean!

1. Combine two parts washing up liquid and one part olive oil into a small bowl.

2. Swirl each brush into the mixture until it's completely covered.

3. Massage into the bristles and rinse with warm water until clear.

4. Exactly the same as option one - dry off the excess on a clean towel, reshape and place on a another towel.

Leave to dry for 24 hours and there you have it! Lovely, clean brushes. If you can, (as I know we're all busy!) try to do this once a week to keep your brushes bacteria-free and in the best possible condition.

What do you guys use to clean your make-up brushes? :)

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