Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner

I'm usually one to wear liquid eyeliner, purely because I have the shakiest hands imaginable. I've tried many different techniques and products that ease the application process, and i've only found one eyeliner that seems to do the job for me - Benefit's Magic Ink. But at a whopping £15.50 for a tiny 2.5ml, I had to start looking for lower end alternatives.

The Fast Stroke Eyeliner from Collection 2000 has been named one of this years Beauty Insiders Choice finalists and received positive reviews from bloggers and general beauty enthusiasts alike.
 With a super-stiff brush and a long lasting formula, it boasts all day colour in a single stroke.

Oh, how I hate this picture! The unruly brows have returned and not enough shadow in the world can sort them out. However, as you can see the liner does the job quite nicely. I've never really been one for winged liner (Although I wish I was!), so this is as about as advanced as it goes for me.

All I can say is that I definitely agree with this product's current credentials. For the bargain price of £2.99 I now have an industrial strength eyeliner that I can apply before a night out with the assurance it will not budge however many times I rub my eyes or cry because i've dropped my drink! The brush is stiff - almost pen like - making it easy to control the line, as i've found with thinner brushes the bristles are a lot softer making it easier for product to flick onto the lid or brow bone. Using my arm as an anchor, I simply gripped the brush like a colouring pen and lined my eyes in seconds.

I'm simply shocked at the value of this product, and it's most definitely replaced Magic Ink as my go-to liner. It's long lasting, easy to apply and the colour is bold making a single line all you need to intensify the eye.

You can purchase Collection 2000's Fast Sroke Liquid Eyeliner for £2.99 at your local Superdrug or online here.

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