Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Everyday Makeup #1

As a beauty blogger, popping to Boots for a new product is just as common as a dash to the corner shop for a pint of milk. However, as our makeup collections rapidly accumulate, how much of it is actually used on a regular basis? I see so many blog sales consisting of blushers and eyeshadows that have been swatched once, which is why I tend to look to 'everyday makeup' posts to really see what is considered a staple.

So, today i'm going to start a series of everyday makeup posts .. showcasing my favourite looks and go-to products!

Base: Smashbox Photo Finish primer, Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat in 'BR10', Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance unifying powder in '52 Vanilla' (Not photographed)
Eyes: Rimmel Exaggerate eyeshadow primer, 'Virgin' and 'Naked' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette, Benefit's 'They're Real!' mascara, Rimmel Khol & Contour eyeliner
Brows: 'Medium brown' from the Foxy HD Brow Kit, MAC Brow Set in 'Clear'
Lips: Benefit Cha Cha Tint, Loreal Glam Shine Reflexion lip gloss in '174 Sheer Peach'

As you can see, I like to keep things pretty natural looking (which is strange with the amount of products I use!). I'm all about groomed brows, so as long as they are filled in and arched I don't mind what goes on with the rest of my face! This is what I would usually wear to work, or in today's case going out for sushi. I usually go for a lot of highlighting and contouring, but I think 13 products is enough for a 'simple' look. 

On a more personal note, i've finally started my Easter holidays, meaning I have about 5 weeks off from university! Yes, that does sound amazing until I tell you I have 5 assignments to do. Easter break over. 

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